Engaging Your Child with the Best Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten

It’s time to keep your child engaged with active learning. With fun-filled projects and read-aloud colorful texts, your child can get the best interactive online learning in kindergarten. At New Beginnings Christian Academy, our homeschool curriculum kindergarten is tailored to meet your child’s need.

The homeschool curriculum kindergarten will provide you and your child a great bonding experience. It allows you to enjoy a vibrant homeschooling experience.

Ours is designed to produce the startup skills your child requires to flourish in 1st grade. The programs we offer combine effective instruction and practices on reading and writing throughout the curriculum. Additionally, if you want your child included in this wonderful experience, just call us at (817) 263-1900.

Relying On an Amazing Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten Approach

We use a solid and integrated approach. This enables you to assist your child in developing critical thinking skills for enhanced reading. All of these will positively shape his/her learning behavior. We use phonics skills like word pattern and rhymes in context. The entirety of these skills will become reinforced as your child starts to learn formal printing skills.

At New Beginnings Christian Academy, our approach will help your child learn with numbers. We use an innovative research-based math method in our kindergarten math course. This helps your child develop a strong number sense and mastery of math, including developing problem-solving skills. We make math fun with our homeschool curriculum kindergarten approach.

Additionally, at New Beginnings Christian Academy we assist parents in meeting the State’s homeschooling requirements. Our approach ensures compliance with state regulations. We provide a year-long course consisting of 18 to 25 lessons. Also, this means 160 to 180 days of instruction.

Whatever you want for your child’s’ homeschool curriculum kindergarten, we have at New Beginnings Christian Academy. Just call us at (817) 263-1900 to get started.

We Have Everything Your Child Needs in a Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten Program

At New Beginnings Christian Academy, we have a well-developed homeschool curriculum kindergarten program. Ours includes everything you need to practically and successfully educate your child in the comfort of your home. Below are some of the things we offer your child in the easiest method:

  • Plans and manuals to guide you on a step-by-step method
  • Engaging digital resources, colorful text, and engaging content, using the best education publishers, and
  • Providing access to an online learning platform that supports 24/7 access to interactive activities, manuals, texts, assessments as well as progress tracking tools and more.
  • Unlimited, free teacher support providing help with curriculum questions, alternative teaching approaches, as well as helping to keep students on track.

If you are looking for more instructional support, New Beginnings Christian Academy can meet your needs. We design our lesson manuals for you to meet your State’s homeschooling curriculum kindergarten needs. All units and lessons in our manuals align to reflect common State and national standards. Also, you can track your child’s progress in real time. Simply use our online platform or New Beginning Christian Academy homeschooling curriculum kindergarten center.

Choose the Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten Format to Suit Your Needs

At New Beginnings Christian Academy, we know students love the touch and feel of books. Also, we know they cherish the fun of interactive computer learning processes. Therefore, we offer a unique and complete kindergarten curriculum in a combined and intuitive print/online format. This format features the very best in textbooks and materials. Furthermore, you have online access when you need it.

Since cost is always something to consider, we developed a means of making homeschool curriculum kindergarten more affordable to families. We now offer a digital curriculum that’s offered as a low-cost alternative. This also comes with e-textbooks and downloadable lesson materials.

If you want more information on our various homeschool curriculum kindergarten packages, call us at (817) 263-1900.

Discover What Your Child Will Learn From Our Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten

Here are some of the things your child will learn when studying under our homeschool curriculum kindergarten process.

English Language Arts

To begin with, your child will learn to use his or her new skills to learn about animals and their habitat. He/she will also learn how to create a book about weather. Our expertise allows your child to learn from reading engaging material. These texts hone their phonic skills while developing critical thinking as well.


Another important milestone, your child will focus on addition and subtraction and counting to 1000. Measuring and shapes are a central focus under our math segment. Learning to measure and weigh an item to ship to families in need will also be part of this process. Additionally, students will write in the colorful math in focus workbook and more.


Additionally, children answer scientific questions by observing patterns in the natural world. Learn about the weather, create a weather forecast, and more.

Social Studies

Also, learn about an introduction into America’s historical symbols, figures, and holidays. Pupils will learn about maps and the globe by creating their own treasure map. Furthermore, your child will be introduced to money and jobs. This includes learning how to write a resume showcasing their special talents.

Physical Education

Most noteworthy, your child, as well as others, will learn the basic knowledge of health and fitness.


Finally, your child will be introduced to the basic concept of healthy behavior and personal safety. Students will also learn about nutrition, disease prevention, communication, physiology, and basic anatomy.

You want the best for your child’s education. Call us at New Beginnings Christian Academy – (817) 236-1900. You can learn about our homeschool curriculum kindergarten.