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Home School Program Requirements and Regulations in Texas

Home school program requirements and regulations can be overwhelming for parents. Parents who wish to have their children participate in a home school program are faced with a plethora of terms, requirements, instructions and more. The intimidation of a home schooling program can often be discouraging to those who are seeking an alternative education option.

However, a home school program doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Schools such as New Beginnings Christian Academy are helping people get the education they want. Participating in a home school program through an accredited institution such as New Beginnings Christian Academy can take a lot of stress off of both children and parents.

Texas State Laws for a Home School Program

A home school program must be regulated to ensure that the student receives a proper education.
The state requirements for home schooling include:

  • Bona fide instruction
  • Visual curriculum
  • Cover reading, grammar, spelling, mathematics, and good citizenship

Homeschoolers have no testing requirements and no reporting agencies. Once a child has been removed from the public school system, the state of Texas no longer regulates their education. Many parents are intimidated by this. Without these requirements it can be difficult to know if your child is adequately learning the information presented to them.

In Texas, the Leeper decision ruled that homeschools are considered to be private schools. This means that public schools have no jurisdiction to check a parent’s curriculum for their child. This also means that no approval is required for a curriculum as long as it touches the basic topics listed above. As a result, some children aren’t learning the topics they need to be successful in life later on. Many parents are turning to institutions that can provide them with a proven curriculum to help their children learn efficiently.

Making the Change to a Home School Program

If you are interested in enrolling your child or children into a home school program, you can easily do so. If your children are already enrolled in school then you would need to notify the school and sign a form showing you have the intent to homeschool. If your children have not been enrolled in school previously, there is no requirement to report their enrollment in a home school program.

Finding a good curriculum for your child can also be a challenge. Many parents prefer to expand upon the basic state requirements and expose their children to additional subjects. However, finding a curriculum that meets your child’s needs may be difficult. This is why many parents choose to use a curriculum created by an accredited institution.

Home School Program Benefits and Disadvantages

There are many reasons why parents choose to homeschool their children. When making any decision regarding your child’s education you should be fully aware of both the advantages and disadvantages. By reviewing both sides of the coin you are empowering yourself to make an educated decision.

One of the biggest benefits that drive people to homeschooling is the control. You are in charge of what your child learns and when. It also provides you the opportunity to teach your child in the ways that they learn best.
Other benefits include:

  • Building a meaningful relationship with your child
  • Personal attention to subjects that need more or less focus
  • Flexibility with scheduling
  • Protect your child from negative influences
  • More effective teaching and learning with 1 on 1 interaction
  • Ability to nurture talents

These benefits are just a small sample of benefits you and your child receive from enrolling in a home school program. On the opposite side of the coin there are possible disadvantages to homeschooling. They include:

  • Justifying your decision to home school
  • Spending more money on education
  • Maintaining patience and an encouraging attitude when your child struggles
  • More effort is required to help your child build quality friendships
  • Finding a quality curriculum

Additional benefits and disadvantages can depend on your family dynamic. For example, many families who travel often due to careers may choose to homeschool their children. In this instance it creates a more stable learning environment for children rather than bouncing them from school to school. Some families may also choose to homeschool due to the illness of the child or a close family member. The list of benefits and disadvantages varies greatly depending on your family.

New Beginnings Christian Academy Home School Program

New Beginnings Christian Academy is now offering a home school program. If you decide that homeschooling is the best decision for your child and family then we would be happy to help you on this journey. Our expert staff is standing by to address any questions or possible concerns about our program. We believe that people of all ages deserve the best possible education. We want to help deliver high quality education to you and your family.

Call New Beginnings Christian Academy today at (817) 263-1900 for more information about our home school program.

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