Dallas GED Alternatives Including Online Classes

For many students, a Dallas GED program can be just what they need to attain their GED. However, experiencing a high school environment with personalized attention may be best for others. Getting a high school diploma is the best course of action for many students, instead of a GED program. NBCA Texas offers a Dallas GED Alternative program that is often more rewarding for students and can offer a classroom-based, hands on approach that more closely simulates a high school program. We also offer students the opportunity to walk across the stage and receive their high school diploma in a graduation ceremony they can share with family and friends. For many who have regretted not finishing high school, this can be more rewarding than a standard GED program.

We offer a specialized program for students who want to obtain their high school diploma. We have flexible classroom hours available, with a 10 to 1 student ratio or online programs that fit every need. NBCA Texas is a year round school with graduations conducted periodically. Our students often remark on how the experience gave them the feeling of finishing high school, with friends and classmates, who also attained their high school diplomas through our program.

Attain Your High School Diploma

In society today, having a high school diploma means being able to secure a better job and for those who want to attend college, the opportunity to receive a higher education. Without your high school diploma, or a GED equivalent, it is harder to find a job and the jobs available are lower-wage jobs that are not typically desirable.

Our classes are affordable and cater to each student, no matter where they are in their education. Unlike many GED programs, our classroom setting closely mimics high school settings. Students work together with each other and often, make friends and relationships that last the rest of their lives, just like in high school. NBCA Texas offers both classroom and our new digital learning program powered by Ignitia for student classes. Every student in the classroom program is issued a laptop while in class to work on their accredited curriculum. Additionally, students are also able to work on their curriculum from home.

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