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We at New Beginnings Christian Academy believe that everyone deserves a second chance and embrace students of all ages (15 and up) and walks of life to complete their high school diploma with a GED Dallas Alternative Program and attain that second chance in life. In today’s society, it is crucial to prepare for the future. Education is the passport to a world of opportunities!

NBCA Texas offers Accredited curriculum for 3rd-12th grade.

GED Dallas Alternative Program – High School Diploma Program

Our mission is to assist all persons regardless of race, color or creed with their educational needs and to create a nurturing and motivational environment. We do not judge, instead we offer students a new beginning and a new out look on life. We believe in our students therefore, we offer qualified consultants, certified teachers and teacher’s assistants to provide one on one tutoring and class sessions. Since our students work at their own pace and are tutored individually we believe it enables us to produce students with strong work ethics, ambition and motivation towards a successful future.

GED Dallas Alternative Program

What does GED Dallas Alternative Program mean? Basically, instead of getting a GED, you are actually earning a High School Diploma from an accredited private/home school program. You can enroll in structured classes or online and achieve the same results as getting your GED with our GED Dallas alternative high school diploma program. Not sure whether to attend online or in-person classes? Call us today and one of our counselors can help you make the decision that is right for you. When it comes to getting your GED alternative high school diploma, the right program makes all the difference in the world!

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